Total productive maintenance

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Total productive maintenance

Total Productive Maintenance is a holistic approach to equipment maintenance to achieve the goal of zero defectszero breakdowns, and zero accidents.

TPM emphasizes on empowerment of operators to work in a concerted manner to ensure optimal performance of equipment maintenance. Total Productive Maintenance program creates a shared responsibility among stakeholders and encourages greater involvement to improve overall equipment effectiveness.

Proactive engagement of operators in the equipment maintenance leads to increased employee morale and productivity, lower costs, improve quality and extend asset life.

Minimize downtime by reducing breakdowns. Improve production by avoiding minor stoppages and slow running. Avoid wastage by cutting down defects. Increase operator empowerment and participation. Problems Total productive maintenance not visible when the workplace is unorganized.

Cleaning and organizing the workplace helps the team to find out the underlying problems easily. Making issues visible is the first step of improvement. Sorting the items based on utility.

Other things can be kept farther, based on their usage frequency. Each item has a place and only one place. Keep the workplace clean, free of burrs, oil, waste, etc.

Fix loose hanging wires, leakages. Improves ability to perform. Discuss and implement standards to keep the workplace enabled for maximizing production Shitsuke Sustain: Continuous efforts to ensure all the steps are performed at all times and without any gaps.

Autonomous Maintenance Jishu Hozen Jishu Hozen focuses on developing operators to be able to take care of small maintenance tasks, freeing up skilled maintenance software team.

Operators are responsible for the upkeep of their equipment to prevent it from deteriorating. Uninterrupted operation of equipment software Flexible operators to operate and maintain equipment software Eliminating defects at the source through active employee participation 3.

Focused Improvement Kobetsu Kaizen Kaizen is for small improvements carried out on a continuous basis, as against dramatic changes.

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Kobetsu Kaizen aims at reducing losses in the workplace. Practice concepts of zero losses in every sphere of activity.

A relentless pursuit of achieving cost reduction targets in all resources. Steadfast focus to improve overall plant equipment effectiveness. Focus on the smooth handling of operators. With Planned Maintenancethe focus is to evolve from a reactive to proactive maintenance.

Achieve and sustain the availability of equipment. Improve reliability and maintainability of equipment. Quality Maintenance The focus is on achieving and maintaining defect free products.

Quality Maintenance rests on the premise that maintaining perfect equipment is essential for maintaining an ideal quality of products. Metrics are gathered and compared against standard values to institute countermeasures and prevent defects.

Defect-free conditions and control of equipment software. Focus on prevention of defects at the source. Inline detection and segregation of defects. Effective implementation of operator quality assurance. Improving the knowledge, skills, and techniques of operators. Creating a training environment for self-learning based on felt needs.

Training to remove employee fatigue and make work enjoyable.

Total productive maintenance

Involvement of all employees even from support functions to focus on improving plant performance. Better utilized work area.Maintenance Engineering is the discipline and profession of applying engineering concepts for the optimization of equipment, procedures, and departmental budgets to achieve better maintainability, reliability, and availability of equipment..

Maintenance, and hence maintenance engineering, is increasing in importance due to rising amounts of equipment, systems, machineries and infrastructure. TPM - Total Productive Maintenance. Free Lean Six Sigma Training including TPM modules You may well be wondering WHY we have Ad's from our competitor's Lean Manufacturing Products displayed on this page, like the one's below..

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Introduction to TPM. The abbreviation TPM stands for ‘Total Productive Maintenance’ or ‘Total Productive Manufacturing’, where the word ‘total’ implies ‘total participation’ – in other words, everyone in the company, from CEO to senior management to front-line operators, playing an active role in productive maintenance.

By Venkatesh J. What is Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)? It can be considered as the medical science of machines. Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) is a maintenance program which involves a newly defined concept for maintaining plants and equipment.

The basic measure associated with Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) is the OEE. This OEE highlights the actual "Hidden capacity" in an organization.

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