The use of psychics in police essay

Share this article Share Critics claim psychics give worried families false hope — and that there is little evidence, if any, that they have ever helped solve a case. Police forces across the country have been asked to comment on the guidelines by next month. The College of Policing — which is responsible for police procedures — writes:

The use of psychics in police essay

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Although the use of psychics has varied through history they have shown to have very real and helpful powers. In the future the use of psychics will very likely become more accepted and used even more than they are presently.

The assistance of psychics in police investigations The use of psychics in police essay increased dramatically in recent years, to the point where psychics have become almost a routine tool of investigation.

A psychic is defined as a person that has any extra sensory perception known as ESP. This power also known as parapsychology by scientists, is characterized as any experience in which an individual is able to sense what is going to happen in the future or about an event that has occurred that they have no mental knowledge about prior to the vision.

Stories about supernatural solutions to crime or psychic powers date as far back as biblical times.

One instance is the story about Saul and his servant sent to look for some livestock by his father. After three long days of looking the servant suggested that they ask the local "seer" or psychic for help.

The psychic told them that if they waited three more days that the sheep would turn up, and like the psychic said on the third day the sheep returned home Wilson During the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries it was common for people that were victims of a crime to seek the help of a psychic.

These psychics known during this age as "cunning men" or " wise women" worked much like many modern day psychics do when trying to solve a case. The cunning man or wise women would often begin with a list of possible suspects that the victim had made or a piece of evidence left at the crime scene, anything that would help them to be linked to thecrime or victim.

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The cunning man or wise women might also help the client who had no leads orplace to start. As stated in the book Blue Sense by Arthur Lyons " Even if they had no ideas of their own to offer their clients, their insights legitimized random behavior by enabling men to make a choice between different courses of action when on rational grounds there was nothing to choose between them" Through most of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries the word of the local cunning man was often all it took for a person to be arrested on crimes such as theft or even murder in some cases.

One of the first well known psychic detectives was Jacques Aymar, who gained public notoriety throughout France by assisting in the solving of many famous cases. On July 5, in the small city of Lyons, France a wine merchant and his family was brutally murdered and robbed, by an unknown assailant. The local police were completely without a clue, until Aymar came to police and said that he was capable of having visions of occurrences with the aid of a piece of clothing from a person involved in the event.

After holding a piece of clothing of one of the victims, Aymar was able to see three men had committed the crime and were now living in a nearby town. The police took Aymar to the neighboring city and had him examine a line up of the cities known criminals. Aymar was able to pick the three men out of the twenty that were presented to him.

At first the three men denied having any involvement in the murder, but after a police interrogation one of the three men gave in and confessed also incriminated the other two as well Wilson Aymar went on to help police solve many other crimes until his death in During the end of the nineteenth and beginning of the twentieth century the use of psychics by the police in America was not as frequent as in the past centuries.

The reason for this is because psychics had gotten a bad reputation as being scam artists, even though there were many legitimate psychics during this time period.

In other countries such as England and Scotland psychics were still being used quite frequently, until one case in which the police were made to look like fools by a psychic.

This case was one of the most famous murder cases in British history, that of Jack the Ripper. After the fifth murder Scotland Yard still had no suspects or no leads, so they decided to call in one off the most prolific psychics of this era, Robert James Lee. Scotland Yard told the media that with the aid of Robert James Lee the detective unit had solved over one hundred crimes.

The use of psychics in police essay

Scotland Yard then proceeded to tell the world that they guaranteed that with the help of Lee that they would be capable of catching the Ripper with in a month.

Robert James Lee was not the type of person that wished to be a celebrity or have any public notice because of his special talent. After Scotland Yard released to the media about the use of Lee on the case the subject became a media circus and Lee was constantly hounded by reporters from around the world.

After being on the case for roughly a week Lee was able to lead the police to a nearby doctors office. The doctor Sir William Gull was unable to tell police where he had been at the times of the murders and had a history of having a split personality and demonstrating violence towards women.

This along with the fact that the police had no other evidence to link Gull to the murders, was all it took to make the media turn on Robert James Lee and consider him a fraud. After this event occurred Scotland Yard claimed that they would never use a psychic to aid in an investigation ever again.

This case weakened the use of psychics by police around the world and for at least twenty years there is no recorded instants of American police using psychics in their investigations. It was not until that American police used a psychic in one of their investigations or least that was recorded by the papers.

After World War II documents about Nazi testing of psychics were released to the world which triggered a massive growth in psychic research. By American police were slowly starting to use psychics in there investigations again.The person the police should be looking for, she suggested, was called Johnny or Ronnie, his surname began with an M, he came from Wearside or Tyneside and he was clean-shaven with a slight bald spot.

May 12,  · Police psychics have so saturated popular culture that the concept borders on the cliche. There was a time, however, when the Department of Justice took the matter very seriously - not only were instances reported of the police using psychics, there were studies on the matter, and even guidance issued by the Emma Best.

Jul 27,  · The police in America are the only governmentally sponsored entity with the authority and power to take the life of a citizen. Due to this tremendous power, scholars and community activists have, over the years, expounded on the need for tight regulation and control over police and their use of .

If police do not refute this theory then "many in the public continue to believe that psychics are secretly employed by law enforcement" If the police state they do not use psychics then psychics claim that the police do not want to .

The psychic believes she is entitled to reward money because she claims she sent tips to the police that allowed them to find where Sandra’s body would be found.

Mar 27,  · "The police departments of the 50 largest U.S. cities were surveyed about their use of ‘psychics.’ Nearly two-thirds have never used psychics. None said psychics provided information more useful than that from other Resolved.

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