Students athletes and gym class

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Students athletes and gym class

Of course it is not an epidemic but it always made me think should students who participate in a sport have to take physical education the marking period or semester they compete? It is a common practice in some states but fairly rare in New Jersey, and to my knowledge, non-existent in the Mugs Media Students athletes and gym class.


So why do I bring this up? Well, it was recently reported in The Record of Hackensack that Cresskill High School in Bergen County will implement a pilot program this upcoming school year for incoming juniors who play sports to bypass gym class.

According to the report, the aim of the program is to reduce stress students feel balancing time and energy for both schoolwork and sports. The report states that schools in Mahwah, Summit, Chatham, Lyndhurst, Paramus, Morristown, Montclair, Haddonfield, Bridgewater-Raritan and Watching Hills allowed or currently allowed student-athletes to skip gym class.

A spokeswoman for the New Jersey School Boards Association told The Record there are no statistics on how many districts around the state have tried the program and such policies are up to each school board. The state Department of Education requires all students in grades K to participate in physical education, and students in grades must receive minutes of health, safety and physical education per week.

He said he hopes to further reduce anxiety levels through this program. Thus far, 40 out of 11th graders, for whom the program is being piloted in the school year, have expressed interest in opting out of gym as part of the program, said Burke.

Only those involved in sports teams or after-school sports activities are eligible and they may not opt out of health class. The students must complete a portfolio of work representing research on a health-related subject to help fulfill the PE requirement, said school officials.

Students athletes and gym class

And according to several studies high school students need at least eight hours of sleep, and in fact, the idea of starting the high school day later has been brought up so students can get more sleep.

And playing a sport should fulfill the physical aspect of physical education. Not every sport is as demanding as those I mentioned, and I get that, but they all involve physical activity.

I feel it is a good idea as a pilot and see how it works. But there are those who are against it and I can see their points as well.

Some say it perpetuates the idea that jocks get special treatment. Is that special treatment? No because it is for the benefit of the student and so is Option Two. In some districts, band is a class.

If you are in the band why should you have to go to a class for it? I could go on. Another issue brought up is the length of practice and how times a week a team does practice.

There is validity in that argument and some coaches do not overwork their kids. Students may need to do individualized projects that meet state standards. This is a tough call for many coaches because many physical education teachers also coach. If this becomes the norm than there would be cutbacks in physical education staff if less kids are taking gym, especially in smaller districts.

Is there a correlation? My take is that schools should at least explore the possibility of implementing the program, and like Cresskill, on a pilot basis and see how it goes. I brought up the injury question to lay the foundation for the blog.

I am sure many schools, including a lot of small ones, will be watching how things work out with Cresskill, a Group 1 power in several sports.The purpose of gym class is to keep students physically active and encourage a healthy lifestyle. Yet student athletes already perform physical activity during their sports seasons; hence, they do.

Why do student athletes have to take gym class? or more commonly known as gym class. Gym class can be an important class. It allows students who might not get a lot of physical exercise the. Nov 12,  · Indian Prairie District school board members voted to support a resolution calling for schools to be allowed to give high school athletes exemptions from physical education class.

Additionally, gym class can sometimes be an additional cause of stress for student athletes.

Students athletes and gym class

“I don’t want to strain any other muscles in gym if I’m already sore . Joining an intramural sports team can help students stay active and enjoy a competitive sport without stress or pressure, and is an attractive alternative for many students who simply do not like working out at a gym or taking group fitness classes.

This s High School Gym Class Would Ruin You. BY Jake Rossen. It frequently asked more of the students than of prospects entering the Naval Academy. gold athletes were “crazy.

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