Stanford biology honors thesis

By age 12, he was writing fan letters to primatologists. He attended John Dewey High School and, by that time, he was reading textbooks on the subject and teaching himself Swahili. In my adolescent years, one of the defining actions in my life was breaking away from all religious belief whatsoever. Following Sapolsky's initial year-and-a-half field study in Africa, he returned every summer for another twenty-five years to observe the same group of baboons, from the late 70s to the early 90s.

Stanford biology honors thesis

Mission of the Undergraduate Program in Biology The mission of the undergraduate program in Biology is to provide students with in-depth knowledge in the discipline, from molecular biology to ecology. Students in the program learn to think and analyze information critically, to draw connections among the different areas of biology, and to communicate their ideas effectively to the scientific community.

The major exposes students to the scientific process through a set of core courses and electives from a range of subdisciplines.

The Biology major serves as preparation for professional careers, including medicine, dentistry, veterinary sciences, teaching, consulting, research, and field studies.

Learning Outcomes Undergraduate The department expects undergraduate majors in the program to be able to demonstrate the following learning outcomes. These learning outcomes are used in evaluating students and the department's undergraduate program.

Students are expected to demonstrate: Mission of the Graduate Program in Biology For graduate-level students, the department offers resources and experience learning from and working with world-renowned faculty involved in research on ecology, neurobiology, population biology, plant and animal physiology, biochemistry, immunology, cell and developmental biology, genetics, and molecular biology.

The training for a Ph. Students work closely with an established advisor and meet regularly with a committee of faculty members to ensure that they understand the importance of diverse perspectives on experimental questions and approaches. Students learn how to evaluate critically pertinent original literature in order to stay abreast of scientific progress in their areas of interest.

They also learn how to make professional presentations, write manuscripts for publication, and become effective teachers. Learning Outcomes Graduate The purpose of the master's program is to further develop knowledge and skills in Biology and to prepare students for a professional career or doctoral studies.

This is achieved through completion of courses, in the primary field as well as related areas, and experience with independent work and specialization. Through completion of advanced course work and rigorous skills training, the doctoral program prepares students to make original contributions to the knowledge of Biology and to interpret and present the results of such research.

Clark Center, Lorry I. Along with the Carnegie Institution of Washington all are on the main campus. Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve encompasses geologic, topographic, and biotic diversity within its 1, acres and provides a natural laboratory for researchers from around the world, educational experiences for students and docent-led visitors, and refuge for native plants and animals.

See the JRBP web site. Hopkins Marine Station, located 90 miles from the main University campus in Pacific Grove, was founded in as the first marine laboratory on the west coast of North America.

The department's large collections of plants Dudley Herbariumfish, reptiles, and amphibians, as well as smaller collections of birds, mammals, and invertebrates, are housed at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco, where they, and extensive collections of the Academy, are available to those interested in the systematics of these groups.

Entomological collections, restricted to those being used in particular research projects, are housed in the Herrin Laboratories. No general collections are maintained except for teaching purposes.

Stanford biology honors thesis

A specialized library is maintained at Hopkins Marine Station. Biology Course Numbering System The department uses the following course numbering system: Biology Course Numbering System.The Earth Systems Honors program provides students with an opportunity to pursue individual interdisciplinary research.

Stanford biology honors thesis

It consists of a year-long research project that is mentored by one or more Earth Systems-affiliated faculty members, and culminates in a written thesis.

Josh Yim Graduate Student, Chemical and Systems Biology joshyim[at] B.A. Cornell University short form: Biography: Josh graduated from Cornell University in with a Bachelor of Arts (magna cum laude) in undergraduate research with Dr. Frank Schroeder focused on the total synthesis of the Caeliferins, a plant natural product, and mechanistic studies of long-chain.

A Comprehensive Set of Panels and Probes for Hematologic Disease and Solid Tumors. Fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) can help identify subtle or sub-microscopic structural rearrangements, variant chromosomes, and low-frequency abnormalities not readily detectable by classic cytogenetics.

Paul Ralph Ehrlich (born May 29, ) is an American biologist, best known for his warnings about the consequences of population growth and limited resources.

He is the Bing Professor of Population Studies of the Department of Biology of Stanford University and president of Stanford's Center for Conservation Biology.. Ehrlich became well known for his controversial book The Population.

The Biology Department is at the center of life sciences research at Stanford. Our mission is to lead in understanding life, from molecules to cells, and organisms to ecosystems. The Biology faculty are committed to excellence in research and education, and are proud of the outstanding students and staff who make this possible.

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