Qmds400 assignment1

Help with groups You are on a group profile page, the entry point into a group. Groups can be open or closed.

Qmds400 assignment1

Hint: You will likely find the provided PowerPoint Primer useful in completing this assignment. All of your files should be saved on disk in a folder named A3-xyz where xyz would be replaced by your initials. Part I.

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MS PowerPoint Using PowerPoint you will create a presentation with a common theme or focus, about a real or fictitious company, organization or product, that pertains to one of the following: a membership drive for some organization; a recruitment drive for employees or a special category of employee in an organization or company; the promotion of a health product; or the promotion of a medical drug.

At least two data charts column, bar or pie that represents numerical data relevant to your presentation. Use the tools available in the Insert tab when inserting the chart.

At least six graphic images, which include: A one bitmap drawing or picture created in MS Paint inserted using the tools available in the Insert tab A three vector drawings created using the drawing tools in the Insert tab A two clip art images inserted using the tools available in the Insert tab Two separate bulleted lists of text items.

One organizational chart any one will do, find samples using the Hierarchy category of the SmartArt option under the Insert tab An embedded Word document inserted as an object using the Insert tab tools A logo for your company, product or whatever you decide to use in your presentation above drawn, downloaded or whatever A master slide with a background or image such as a logo that shows up on all slides use the View tab to access the master slide Use the last slide in your presentation to indicate to the user the slide show is over, with a summary or contact information or the like e.

Qmds400 assignment1

Click and type the notes in the area beneath each individual slide to which you wish to add them. Use a background design plus a variety of slide transitions, at least 3 different types using the tools on either the Animations tab or the Slide Show tab Include at least two graphic animations and two text animations using the tools on the Animations tab Your presentation should be timed to run automatically this should be the last step, so you can test it manually while you are working on it.

Use the tools in the Slide Show tab to set this timing. Save the presentation in your A3-xyz folder as slides Additionally print one of the pages with presenter notes. Part II. MS Publisher You will use MS Publisher to design a Business Card, which would be given to those individuals that talk to you about your product or organization following your PowerPoint Presentation in Part I above or simply to be placed in a pile on a desk or elsewhere for distribution to interested parties.

Load MS Publisher and select the Business Cards option on the left or from the visual presentation in the middle of the Publisher window. Select a design template that suits your tastes and then click the Create button in the lower right. If you cannot find a template that suits your tastes, feel free to choose a blank template and design your own card from scratch.

If you choose a design template, note that it guides you with what to put where. Also note that there are several drawing tools at your disposal. All are easy to explore and similar to the tools available in Word and PowerPoint. Basically, the actual production and end result hinges on your idea and design hence these business cards should be unique to each student.

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Save your card in your A3-xyz folder, naming the file card. Submission In a properly labeled envelope, submit prints, as noted below. Then either include flash drive containing the files within the envelope A3-xyz or instead send your powerpoint presentation file that include your slides, as an attachment, to the instructor with the subject line indicating the course and assignment number, along with your section and your name Remember your file to send would be: slidesASSIGNMENT 02 - Behaviorist or Cognitivist Learning Activity.

DESCRIPTION. Create a Behaviorist / Cognitivist eLearning activity or lesson that is appropriate for the discipline/organization (Higher Ed, HR, K, Corporate, etc.) you are currently in, or expect to be in, or are most interested in.

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QMDS Project and Quality Management SECTION Assignment ONE 1) Project charter is the starting point of a . Assignment Topic: Purpose The purpose of the assignment is to explore the application of concepts, tools and techniques covered in this subject and to present a report based on your findings.

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QMDS Assignment1 Essay ´╗┐Faculty of Business Administration University of Macau QMDS , Project Management and Quality Control (fall semester /) Assignment 1 due date: 28th Oct, , Monday (in class) Introduction to Project Management 1.

´╗┐Faculty of Business Administration University of Macau QMDS, Project Management and Quality Control (fall semester /) Assignment 1.

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