Lima tire plant

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Lima tire plant

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Dennis Stovall Running Head: The Treadway Tire Company: Wall identified one of the dysfunctional causes as being the move from regular eight hour a day shifts to shifts that operated on a twelve hour basis, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

This strategy allowed the company to reduce its labor costs while also utilizing total plant capacity, thereby reducing production costs and allowing the spreading out of fixed overhead.

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The Treadway Tire Company By analyzing critical workforce disparities, e. There was at the time a total workforce consisting of 1, workers at the plant of which were -blue collar production- union workers and the other were-white color- salary workers.

The disparity here was the fact that the entire majority of line foreman who oversaw all phases of Lima tire plant were non-union company employees.

With regards to the ranks of this exclusive group of management workers there were four critical areas of control that required staffing by them, i. In order to staff these operating sections the company predominantly utilized the means of recruiting qualified candidates from within the ranks of its blue collar labor force; a labor force consisting of mostly non-college graduates.

Lima tire plant

In addition With respects to the vertical chain of command their existed a staffing inconsistency as noted by Case Study Analysis: Although recruiting tests, background checks including interviews based on-experience and job integrity for line foreman positions were articulate and comprehensive and the pay scale was noticeably higher than average the majority of Lima Plant line foremen still complained that they had no actual authority over the workforce in most instances.

Although she and upper management were in agreement that the problem Case Study Analysis: Companies today to keep them Union-free and why is it critical to the success of an organization in attaining its goals.

Objectively, the union-labor policies affecting the Lima Plant is the only reason why the hourly-wage workforce was able to maintain a workable standard with regards to the intense- tactical production schedules set by the Treadway Tire Company at the Lima Plant Facility.

The organizations only real objective was to maximize the scheduling of production in order to increase profits due to the current hike in the prices for raw materials and pressures emanating from global competition.

They went about achieving this equality by applying a narrow schedule to attain a short-term strategic result, thus ignoring some very important needs of its workforce in the process.

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Harvard Business School, Brief Cases.SWOT Analysis for Treadway Tire Company Lima Plant. The Treadway Tire Company has almost 9, employees in North America. Treadway Tire is one of the major suppliers of tires to the original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and replacement tire .

Nov 26,  · The Treadway Tire company case illustrates an example of a company who expect a lot from their recruits, but don't give them the training and support they need to succeed.

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The foreman position is an important position which the company would prefer to fill with college graduates who in theory could progress to be general.

Visit Goodyear Auto Service for your tire, oil change, brake repair & auto service needs. Easily schedule an appointment at The Treadway Tire Company: Job Dissatisfaction and High Turnover at the Lima Tire Plant The problem Treadway faces right now is high turnover in the foreman position across all plants.

Ashley Wall, the plant manager of the Lima branch, investigates this issues and tries to figure out what the best solution is.

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Tire Retreading & Repair | Bob Sumerel Tire The foreman position is an important position which the company would prefer to fill with college graduates who in theory could progress to be general supervisors and area managers.

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