Laser optoacoustic imaging for medical diagnostics of breast cancer thesis

As a postdoc at University of Iceland and later as Bullock-Wellman Fellow at Harvard University he worked on optical amplification in plasmonic waveguides and on opto-biological devices, in particular on lasers based on single biological cells. His research area is at the interface between biophotonics and organic semiconductors.

Laser optoacoustic imaging for medical diagnostics of breast cancer thesis

The clinic specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of a range of health conditions.

Laser optoacoustic imaging for medical diagnostics of breast cancer thesis

There are inpatient and one day surgery rooms at the center for patients than require medical surveillance overnight.

Overseas patients are welcome. The team also cooperates with international insurance companies to make treatments affordable.

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Services offered by the clinic are general health examinations for patients of all ages including laboratory tests, the administration of immunizations and vaccines, surgical procedures in three modern well fitted operating theatres and complementary therapies for rehabilitation of patients.

Review confirmed by phone. During my research and preparation, I found that Cataract surgery at the Centre is not only cheaper but would likely meet all my needs.

The first impression about the Centre was created at the early stage of communication during which all my emails were promptly responded to professionally. I was not disappointed when I visited the Centre for the surgery. All my needs were met beyond my expectations.

The Centre staffs were exceptionally friendly, right from the reception up to the Ophthalmologist. I strongly recommend the Centre for anyone considering a medical procedure.In vivo results, using NIRF and optoacoustic imaging, confirmed the necrosis avid properties of HQ5 and CW in a mouse 4T1 breast cancer tumor model of spontaneous necrosis.

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Finally, in a mouse EL4 lymphoma tumor model, already 24 h post chemotherapy, a significant increase in CW fluorescence intensity was observed in treated compared to Industry: Pharmaceuticals. “Once you get to that point, we think it will have many different applications for cancer diagnostics, for optical biopsies and other types of diagnostics.” The National Cancer Institute of the National Institutes of Health sponsored the study.

Dr. Pascal Doguet Synergia Medical, BE.

Laser optoacoustic imaging for medical diagnostics of breast cancer thesis

Pascal Doguet holds a PhD in electronics from the UCLouvain, Belgium. During his thesis, he was involved in the development of a visual prosthesis, designing the prosthesis electronics and application specific integrated circuits.

Molecular imaging is an emerging strategy for in vivo visualization of cancer over time based on biological mechanisms of disease activity. Optical imaging methods offer a number of advantages for real-time cancer detection, particularly in the epithelium of hollow organs and ducts, by using a broad spectral range of light that spans from visible to near-infrared.

Targeted Optical Imaging Agents in Cancer: Focus on Clinical Applications

In these medical establishments installed and now they successfully use the RTMRES Diagnostic Radiothermometer composed of a computerized diagnostic system for early detection of breasts cancer. Optoacoustic diagnostics is a novel imaging modality based on detection and analysis of optoacoustic waves induced in tissues.

We proposed and tested in animal and clinical studies a number of important optoacoustic diagnostic applications such as diagnostics of cerebral hypoxia, circulatory shock, anemia, thermotherapy monitoring, as well as breast cancer and hematoma detection.

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