Joseph kony research paper

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Joseph kony research paper

More Essay Examples on Slavery Rubric These children are often asked to kill their own parents, so they would have no homes to return to.

Once a child is kidnapped, he or she is used as pack mules; carrying the supplies of war or standing in the front lines of any attack. Kony uses these children until they get woundedweakor too slow to walk, at which time they would kill them or simply leave them in the desert to die.

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Kidnapped girls get raped most of the time by the boys or by the army. If one of the girls turned out to be good looking, Kony usually asks his military to bring her to him, so he can rape her or marry her.

Joseph kony research paper

Rory Carroll describes his experience and talks about it through his narration: There were documented cases of recruits forced to kill relatives, march over spilled brains and cook and eat human flesh.

The savagery had purpose: He mainly interviewed children that are 11 years and older. They were trained to hold a gun at the age of When they reached 16, they were almost as professional as any soldier in any part of the world.

Kony taught them to become fearless, emotionless, and ready to do whatever it takes to serve him. The poor kids were scared because they had no other choice. The idea of going back home was almost impossible for them because simply they had no home. The chase after Kony has been going on for years.

There have been claims that Kony is dead, and other claims that he is still alive. Some say that his army has become smaller in the past two years and the numbers used were too emphasized.

Sincethe U. InThe Invisible Children lunched a very huge campaign to make the world aware of what is going on in Uganda and to Identify to the public who Kony is. The campaign included a 29 minutes YouTube video that hit almost million likes in less than 2 months and a wide spread donations campaign.

Another purpose of this campaign was to make the U. S government and President Obama take serious action. Those children lost their innocence because of a criminal, they deserve to live just like you do Their families were murdered and seeing blood and murdering people on daily basis became something usual.

Joseph kony research paper

As I write this essay, Kony is still out there free, recruiting more and more children and raping more girls to satisfy his needs. Hopefully someone will put an end to him.

Works Cited Carroll, Rory.A recent tour of the Balkans proved a potent reminder once again of the importance of this region to U.S. and Western policymakers.

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Kony Communication Theory Paper Essay. COMMUNCIATION THEORY COMS RESEARCH ESSAY FRIDAY 6TH JULY, In , Invisible Children, a United States-based non-profit advocacy organization, was founded by filmmakers Bobby Bailey, Laren Poole and Jason Russell - Kony Communication Theory Paper Essay introduction.

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Joseph kony research paper