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Final Essay and Reflection The Empowerment of a Community Putting people into jail has been going on for numerous of generations. Jail is not a solution for violence, as Luis Rodriguez, author of Hearts and Hands: Building Community in Violent Times, states. Rodriguez has been dealing and helping youth who have been affiliated in gangs.

Finalessay 1


Tuesday, 4 December Thelma and Louise Movie in Challenging Gendered Expectations The film Thelma and Louise, released indirected by Ridley Scott, challenges gendered expectations Finalessay 1 two women take out unexpected aggressive roles.

Aggressive female protagonists appear as challenging and reinforcing gender stereotypes. Louise works in a fast food restaurant as a waitress who has some problems with her friend Jimmy that is always on the road. Thelma is married to an unappreciative husband who controls his wife, and would rather watch his footballs games than listen to her.

Rather than being typical quiet, unaggressive women, these two challenges gender expectations by breaking out from their normal lives and hitting the road. Thelma and Louise act as aggressive protagonists after shooting a man who attempted to rape Thelma and running of to Mexico due to the fear no one will believe them therefore being chased by American police and committing robberies; an adventure typical for a man to be doing in a film, but not for a woman.

Are you sure we should be driving like this, I mean in broad daylight and everything? Louise acts more naturally like a male, through her self-reliance, attitude and leadership by taking control of situations and displaying her own strength; doing these things, like cursing at the rapist and shooting him without any sorrow.

Thelma at first is shown as a typical female, always caring what her husband, Darryl, would think and this is shown when Thelma felt she needed to ask for permission from him to go travel with Louise, causing her to ask Thelma sarcastically if Darryl is her father or husband. She even says she is not a bit sorry that the rapist is dead and is sorry that Louise had to do it and not her.

When the police men and Darryl were viewing the videotape of Thelma robbing the store, their surprising comments and expressions shows they could not believe girls like them are doing this. Lena, a waitress, tells Hal, a cop, that neither Louise nor Thelma is the murdering type; she could not even believe a woman is capable of such a crime as well.

This shows women doing these things are not what women traditionally do, that it is unexpected. Towards the end of the movie when the police force finally caught up to Thelma and Louise, they both decide to end their lives by driving into the Grand Canyon. This act shows they would rather die with dignity than surrender to the police, showing male traits, rather than portraying weakness they portrayed bravery.

In this film Thelma discover new assertiveness, and both Thelma and Louise go through challenges that made them use male attributes to overcome their adventure. The female protagonists get to have an adventure that usually only men get in films, when they are being chased by police, robbing, and murdering, etc.

From Reverence to Rape, 2nd Ed. The University of Chicago Press. I am Woman, Hear me Roar. Brave Dames and Wimpettes course reading.

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Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema.My finalessay is looming as well which I have barely thought about,I'm feeling a little bit better tonight but over the Easter holidays the stress really got to me and I started feeling really down and thinking about killing myself, which I had around December last year on my first placement.

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Finalessay 1

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