Economic struggles of the elderly

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Economic struggles of the elderly

Recent statistics released by the Commission on Poverty offer one dimension of this potential problem: A problem of ageing calls for a radical rethink of how key services, such as health care and housing, are delivered Although these statistics account for poverty via an income threshold and not total asset holdingsthey offer a visceral portrait of the problem: This consensus, however, while containing a kernel of truth, is ultimately incomplete.

Hong Kong is not so much facing an elderly problem as an ageing problem. The latter interpretation offers greater conceptual clarity and offers new policy options to address the problem.

Demographic statistics paint a clear picture of how both problems will emerge. According to government statistics, the proportion of our population aged 65 and above is slated to double, to 31 per cent by The ageing of the population will have an important effect on the workforce.

Hong Kong struggles to cope with its rapidly ageing population While the underpinning demographics are unlikely to change, the two different ways of looking at the problems provide potentially different policy prescriptions.

Indeed, if Hong Kong essentially has an elderly problem, the main solution is to save resources until the storm hits in the future. If the problem is conceptualised as one of ageing, however, the policy solutions are quite different. As the population grows older, the government should gradually increase investment in key areas to assist individuals at key stages in their development — starting today.

Continued investment in health care is straightforward: The way the problem is ultimately conceptualised matters.

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A problem of increasing elderly becomes, by default, a fiscal problem of adequate saving to cover expenses. A problem of ageing calls for a radical rethink of how key services, such as health care and housing, are delivered. It also demands the government to understand the passage of the population as it gets older to provide key interventions to help individuals successfully participate in society for longer.

If Hong Kong is serious about facing the demographic tsunami that is quickly approaching, deeper thought about ageing, and how the city will deal with it, is needed. We think you'd also like Thank youYou are on the list.During her monthly report to the Birmingham-Jefferson County Transit Authority Board, Executive Director Barbara Murdock touted that the much-maligned system's "road-call rate" (the number of.

A consensus exists that Hong Kong is on the cusp of or will soon have an acute “elderly problem”. Recent statistics released by the Commission on Poverty offer one dimension of this potential.

Economic struggles of the elderly

Dec 12,  · The Painful Struggles Of America's Older Immigrants who work all their lives in low-wage jobs should be able to leave the job market when the time comes with a measure of economic .

What is the biggest challenge facing older adults today? As part of our One Away Campaign we interviewed a woman who is employed as an administrator in a Philadelphia medical office.

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We were informed that in November of there was a change made to the local Medicare Advantage Plans, which has placed more of a financial burden on her elderly. South Korea has more economically active people aged over 60 than in their twenties, according to government statistics that highlight the demographic and economic crises facing the east Asian.

12 days ago · A man in the small seaside village of La Boca, Puerto Rico recounts the struggles of trying to rebuild his home after Hurricane Maria's storm surge devastated the community.


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