Ambedkar a social reformer essay writer

Kaith Ambedkar rose to eminence as a social reformer and a leader of the Depressed Classes of India. As such, he worked hard for their upliftment from the downtrodden position they were living in, as a result of social, economic, religious and political disabilities, sanctioned by religion and imposed by custom. The Indian society, according to him was a most undemocratic society, where the people were compartmentalized into classes and castes, not according to aptitude, ability or profession but because of birth, and this position to continue indefinitely, the son confirming himself to the hereditary calling of his father.

Ambedkar a social reformer essay writer

He was also the chief architect of the Indian Constitution.

Born into a poor Mahar considered an Untouchable caste family, Ambedkar campaigned against social discrimination, the system of Chaturvarna — the categorisation of Hindu society into four varnas — and the Hindu caste system. He converted to Buddhism and is also credited with providing a spark for the transformation of hundreds of thousands ofDalits or untouchables to Theravada Buddhism.

He played an important role in the formation of our constitution as he was the chairman of Drafting communitte. Under his guidens the Constitution was formed.

ambedkar a social reformer essay writer

Drafting is not at all an easy job. It requires good vocaublary so that the person reading it doenot misunderstands it an it understnads it without having a doubt in mind. So amongst all his job was qiute more harder. Except thn this he even warned us to be careful as he said that Political equality is bought amonst in people but economic and social equality cannot be provided by the constitution ,it had to be established by our ownselves.

If we had heard his suggestion today probably people might not have been violating laws,there wont be pride of richthere wont be inequality amongst people.

Ambedkar was the Chairman of the drafting committee and the Chief Architect of our Constitution. Our Constitution is regarded as one of the best in the world.

ambedkar a social reformer essay writer

The most important contribution of Dr. Ambedkar was his fight for equal rights for women and for their voting rights.

Indian constitution granted voting rights to women as a right. American women and women in other western countries like England, France and other European Countries, had to fight for their voting rights for decades before they were allowed to vote.

Our constitution also grants equality to women in property. The numersous amendments to the constitution are not due any inadequacies of the constitution.Bhimrao Ambedkar Essay 3 ( words) Introduction. Dr. B.R. Ambedkar was a leading activist, economist, jurist, politician and social reformer who stood for the rights of Dalits and lower castes.

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dr b r ambedkar was one of the greatest man in india.

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he was a social reformer. he wrote the constitution of india. he abolished untouchablity from india.

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